Our Vision

Securing future viability

Our Maritime Group ranks among the leading providers of logistics in Europe.

Within our network, we commit ourselves to a common vision and fundamental values and principles. These provide the framework for our way of thinking and acting.

Pioneer with tradition: As a renowned expert in logistics since 1887 we always think on step ahead. “Tradition and progress” is our policy.

Customer Focus: Our business revolves around our customers’ wishes. Our entire thinking and acting is aimed at our customers’ enthusiasm for a long-lasting and trustful business partnership.

Respect: Our corporate culture is shaped by a respectful social interaction. Our employees feel valued, thus demonstrating a high level of commitment and loyalty towards the company.

High standards: As a group of companies we are fully aware of our responsibilities and measure our success against highest quality standards, however, constantly thriving for improvement.

Success through Security: Our work safety system has been thoroughly tried and tested and is the basis for all our conduct and the foundation for our acting.

Trust: The trustful and responsible interaction within our Group and with our customers is the trademark of our work. Confidence – internal and external – requires permanent evidence which we demonstrate on a daily basis.

Customer Orientation: The wishes and needs of our customers are a key concern for us. We always go that extra mile to demonstrate our full commitment to the delight of our customers. Our aims and goals correspond to those of our customers.

Success Orientation: Keeping up motivation to stay on the road to success. Our employees as well as our stakeholders participate in and benefit from our success.

Quality Awareness: We meet the demands of the markets and the commodity flows with an excellent portofolio of services. We are aware that our customers determine the quality and therefore keep close and permanent contact with them.

Corporate Identity: In our group we stand together and regard ourselves as a “high-performance” team. Our team spirit can be defined through a strong sense of unity and commitment.

Team-Oriented: We are a well attuned team, which has been growing over many years. New team members are made aware of the sense of our enthusiasm.

Passion: The excitement for everything what we do is an important stimulation for us. Our customers and partners sense this “spirit” through our actions.

Loyalty: We remain committed to our company group and its philosophy, management and teams. We live solidarity!

Flexibility: We offer our customers services on demand. Regular departures to many destinations are a standard feature.

Respect: We respect all individuals in their uniqueness and complexity. Our employees are highly valued – as human beings, as experts and as sources of ideas.

Tolerance: We also accept different views and procedures. We show respect for dissent and contrary opinions which is a concept of our team.

Competence: We know what we are doing. And this since 1887! We stand for perfect logistics in all its facets and services.